Travel solutions that deliver and save


Since its inception in 1979, Golden Travel specializes in business travel, providing service to companies with high travel requirements, in industries such as shipping, retail and pharmaceuticals.

At Golden Travel we provide a unique combination of services that create value at every step of your trip, through cost savings, high performance and maximum security.

Golden Travel is staffed by experienced professionals specialized in offering cutting-edge solutions to meet the special needs of our corporate – as well as individual- customers.

We are proud to raise the bar across the industry by setting even higher standards of consistency and customer loyalty. The twenty well-trained employees of our offices in Piraeus and Kifissia are well aware of the needs of modern businesses, many serving loyally specific customers for several decades!

Our Vision

To be the leading company in Greece in business travel – the travel agency of choice for the staff and the executives of all businesses.

Our mission

In a world that is changing rapidly and business needs are evolving, our mission is to provide our customers with transparency, flexibility, insight and savings, offering a high level of service, efficiency and care. And to help businesses focus 100% on their business goals and priorities, by inspiring them to assign to us a critical function of theirs.

Why us

Choosing Golden Travel ensures many important benefits for your business:
  • 1.

    Save money

    For every euro you spend on our travel management services, we will return more to you in the form of cost savings. This is the difference of Golden Travel.

  • 2.

    Increase efficiency

    Our know-how, experience and comprehensive support can significantly improve the efficiency of your employees.

  • 3.

    Top-class services

    We understand that business trips are complex and they require a special understanding of the unique goals of your business, travel trends and travelers' preferences.

Our Values

  • Integrity – We build relationships that are governed by honesty, transparency and professionalism
  • Supervision – We are constantly raising the bar for the quality of our services
  • Collaboration – We combine the know-how and experience of all staff members to achieve unsurpassed effectiveness
  • Responsibility – We give our best in what we do, taking responsibility for the result
  • Quality – We provide top service, creating high value for our customers
  • Innovation – We use technology to enhance the transparency, efficiency and security of our services