Leisure travel

We provide the best possible experience based on your time and budget

Wherever you choose to travel with the Golden Travel, you can do so safely and securely. The knowledge and experience of our travel consultants ensure the most favorable terms for the transition and stay at the destination you want, being fully informed before making the reservation and completely carefree about how long your trip lasts!

Fix your trip with 3 simple steps:

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    Which place would you like to visit? Choose a destination and plan your trip.

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    Just call us or contact us via e-mail and we will try to make your dream come true. It is so simple.

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    Prepare suitcases, board the plane or the ship and begin your adventure!

Recreational travel

Our many years of experience in the effective provision of high quality services, has led us to create a specialized department for organizing leisure trips, which will always suggest the best options for recreational travel.


Cruises tailored to your needs, personalized suggestions, detailed destination knowledge, exclusive offers and amenities from the experts of Golden Travel.

Europe by car

Get ready to discover the most beautiful routes and the most attractive sights and landscapes of Europe by car, in collaboration with Super Fast Ferries.

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